Reason to start this blog!!

Hahh!! Finally… I am starting this blog, which, i thought of starting a few months back, but could not… or… to give it a reason , I was looking for the best FIRST topic to start with (and i hope you understand that “first time” things are always difficult ;p). So thought of starting it by giving a reason on why i want to write a blog and what made ME do that. People! please don’t get me wrong that I am lazy or not paying much attention to this new love of mine. I am here and will continue writing from now on (even if i don’t get a single like or comment :)), After all, i called it my LOVE (oops!!).

Bits and Pieces about me:

As you can derive from my introduction in the Gravatar Hover-card, you will see a lot of contradictions into things which i like and what i do or have done and I still don’t know the reason for that!! I am very much into art-related things, however, I am an Engineer, (and that too a Software Engineer) by mistake. You will come to know gradually that why it was a mistake :). I love eating, but i am very specific about the taste (yes, my taste buds are spoilt kiddos !!). I love travelling, but have not visited more than 10 or 12 cities (in India), I bet!! (now you would have got an idea of the contradictions I am talking about :). You will find a lot more!!). I am crazy about dancing and want to show up in a big dancing show, yet I ended up joining a GYM (Why on earth did I not join a dance class??). The instances will continue.

I might be a “little” confused about a couple of things happening with me, but….. i must tell you, I am a very confident person!! I keep calm most of the time, yeah.. most of it.. and you can count on me for my patience level. 🙂

Reason to start this blog:

Coming to the main point, One of the reasons to start writing this, is of course to check on my own writing (no, I don’t have a doubt on it, I like it, but do I really impress you??).

I have certain things, that I have been observing and feeling, from a while. A lot about Indian culture (which you might agree or disagree), a few things about the US culture, (which i learnt being into my profession), a few things that i want to change, some of my experiences which you might also have felt at my age (i know i am not that old to have a lot of them, yeah I am just 22 ;p ;)),a few interesting things that i would love to share with all the lovely people who love to read (No, non-readers are NOT, at all, prohibited!:)) and last, WHO DOES NOT WANT TO BE FAMOUS??

My approach will be to try writing on different topics and real time incidents and experiences, but not limited to it (Can writing be done with limits? i don’t think so…). If, at all, you like my posts, I would love to hear from you on what all topics you would like to read more, how you liked the posted one; and advice for improvements are most most welcome!

Hoping a Happy Blog-Writing!!!